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Our Mission

Our Mission

The Moving Well Project (MWP) International, Inc. (Tuyende Bwino), is a 501(c)3 not-for profit organization which aims to improve the well-being of at-risk forced and voluntary migrant populations in Sub-Saharan Africa, through evidence-based health and mental health programs. The MWP aims to adapt/design, monitor/evaluate, and scale-up gender-based and trauma-informed behavioral health programs accounting for mobility among at risk migrant populations in Sub-Saharan Africa. With this overall objective, the MWP will build the capacity of researchers, clinicians and migrant populations from Sub-Saharan Africa and increase the dissemination of evidence-based knowledge and learning.

Our Vision

We utilize rigorous and innovative research methods to adapt evidence-based programs for migrant populations. We believe that understanding the local perspective is critical to developing relevant and effective services. We firmly support programs that are developed based on the voice of and ongoing collaboration with the populations we serve.

"Things were just hard for me, I was tortured in my mind and I developed anger and hate in my heart. "

 - Zambian fish trader

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